[Expired] Book Spice Jet Ticket in Just Rs. 777 Only. Valid for only 77 minutes on 23rd May | Anywhere in India from ->May 22, 2012

No Code Needed

ON their 7th ANNIVERSARY, BOOK TICKETS TO ANYWHERE IN INDIA FOR RS. 777 (Airport / passenger taxes/ surcharges extra.)

On the 23rd of May 2012, SpiceJet celebrates 7 years of flying. To spread the joy, we offer you a unique treat. A ticket to any of our 35 destinations across India will cost you only Rs. 777*. This offer is open only on the 23rd of May 2012, for 77 minutes from 7:00 AM to 8:17 AM.

Terms and Conditions:

    This offer is valid on bookings done through our website- www.spicejet.com, SpiceJet Reservations Centre by calling at 9871803333 or 18001803333 and at our Airport counters only.
    This offer is valid for all tickets booked on 23rd May 2012 between 7:00 am till 08:17 am on all direct and via domestic flights.
    Infants will not be eligible for this offer.
    PNR’s booked under this offer can be cancelled or rescheduled with standard cancellation and reschedule fee and fare difference if applicable.
    This offer is applicable for travel till 27th October 2012.
    This is a limited inventory offer.
    This offer is not valid on connecting flights.
    This offer cannot be used in conjunction with any other offer/ discount / promotion.
    Airport charges, statutory taxes and other surcharges will be applicable.
    The offer is not available through any other channel including any login IDs like Travel Agents or corporate.
    SpiceJet reserves the right to withdraw, change or cancel the offer without prior intimation and without assigning any reasons thereof.

Offer Credit: sidiitr

May 22, 2012

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238 thoughts on “[Expired] Book Spice Jet Ticket in Just Rs. 777 Only. Valid for only 77 minutes on 23rd May | Anywhere in IndiaFrom Our Homepage

  1. Sunny says:

    777 is basic fare???…other charges will sum upto 4000…what a crap deal…I already got tickets less then 777 basic fare

  2. Tillu says:

    777 Adult fare: (basic fare + airline fuel charge + transaction charge)
    or 777 – basic fare only ???
    Please help me ….

  3. manish says:

    as seven years over they should give it for 7 or 77 only
    777 is too costly
    in cleartrip base fare starting 499

  4. Sneha says:

    Please give an approx estimate of how much the money will sum upto after adding all the taxes.

  5. Amit says:

    nearly 1500-1600 :)

  6. aditi says:

    could be useful for long flights- like delhi- pondicherry / delhi-andamans… ?

  7. raj says:

    mehnga hai

  8. pradip hazra says:

    customer care me ph kar ke koi puchlo…ki…total fare kitna ayega…approx…

  9. Chirag says:

    It’s a superb offer…..

    Rough estimations for Total Fare:-
    Offer Fee – Rs 777
    Passenger Fee – Rs 233
    Airport Fee:- Will be Max Rs 600
    Government Service Tax:- 4.95% of 777 = Rs 39
    User Development Fee ( if applicable):- It is not applicable on some sectors
    Card transaction Fee:- Rs 100

    Total = Rs 1749/-

    That means you will get flight ticket at the price of 2nd Class train ticket which is just superb offer …

    In worst scenario, flight price will go to max Rs 2500/-

    • Pradeep says:

      No Chirag, I guess you’ll have to pay Fuel Surcharge also which alone would cost you somewhere 2000.
      It will go like this you just will be benfitted by the difference between Base Fare and 777.

  10. Chirag says:

    This should be bumper deal… Fantastic offer..You wont get cheap flight than this…

  11. Dhaman says:

    This is a waste deal. I have checked

    DEL to MAA
    1 Adult fare: 4,420.00 (This include 3150 as fuel surcharge & Rs.1270 as basic fare)
    (basic fare + airline fuel charge + transaction charge)
    Charges and Fees
    Passenger Service Fee: 146.00
    Airport Fee – UDF/ADF/DF: 745.00
    Service Tax @4.95 %
    (Incl.2%EC,1%SHEC): 219.00
    Price Total: 5,530.00

    And as per this deal

    DEL to MAA
    1 Adult fare: 3,927.00 (This include 3150 as fuel surcharge & Rs.777 as basic fare)
    (basic fare + airline fuel charge + transaction charge)
    Charges and Fees
    Passenger Service Fee: 146.00
    Airport Fee – UDF/ADF/DF: 745.00
    Service Tax @4.95 %
    (Incl.2%EC,1%SHEC): 194.00
    Price Total: 5,012.00


  12. SAHIL says:

    Rs 777 includes fuel charge…
    i am sure about this

  13. Sumit says:

    why dont u guys open spicejet.com and book a flight for demo and see the individual listing of price

  14. Mudassir says:

    Is it necessary to enter any promo code to get this deal or the prices will be reduced by default?

  15. asw says:

    i called heldesk they confirmed it’s just the Base fare.

  16. bindu says:

    we can call directly to customer care or log on spicejet.com to avail this offer.
    This offer includes 777/-as a basic fare+ Passenger Service Fee +Airport Fee -Service Tax @4.95 %
    (Incl.2%EC,1%SHEC) +transaction charge =approx 3800 /-

    No fuel charges :)

  17. Saurabh says:

    @bindu – r u sure about this ?

  18. Saurabh says:

    i mean about fuel charges ?

  19. Albin says:

    Hi Am albin here…look its a promotion offer, your net ticket costs around rs 1674(from hyderabad to calicut)…you can check with customer care…Pls dont fite here…plz go with facts ,not guessing….if you guys want then try it tum…

  20. PRATIK says:

    confirmed the info after speaking to the customer care, the 777 is the adult fare…fuel charges included. A damn good deal i daresay!!

  21. Rajat says:

    total kitna lgega…chandigarh to goa….koi bta skta hai kya ???

  22. Amit says:


  23. Mohit says:

    Koi bta skta h kya kolkata to jaipur ka kya charge lgega …..

  24. shivendra says:

    kolkata to jaipur one way about Rs.2200-2700

  25. Gary says:

    F##@ off man……their data line is down…..

  26. qazx says:

    booking page not opening :(

  27. ans says:

    As usual sie is not working….:(

  28. honey singh says:

    site base is down…….down !!! deadly slow !!

  29. Mudassir says:

    Prices are same as usual. No discounted fares. :(

  30. sammuegal says:

    Its facing Huge traffic.
    I ain’t even able to navigate to booking page.

  31. ans says:

    Even the phonelines also not working..

  32. qazx says:

    looks like FAKE offer

  33. aditi says:

    yes.. no page is getting loaded… as expected ~

  34. chayan says:

    what the hell site is not working

  35. ans says:

    fucked up site. they can’t manage the traffic or the call volume. Why the fuck would they come up with such offers..

  36. ans says:

    numbers is busy and site not working…F### of..

  37. Sumit says:

    I havnt seen such a C website ..if they dont wana give such offers and make it just for promotion,then they shudnt run this

  38. ashu_saluja25 says:

    If it is coz of high traffic…. then y homepage open everytime without any interruption… Making fool same fare

  39. Krishna says:

    Look like the offer is crap..hehhe..just for their shitty publicity…page not loading, phone’s not working……

  40. Shiv says:

    Unable to book tickets even through their counters.

  41. pai says:

    as expected…. no one will be able to book.. website down.. phones busy… just a cheap publicity stint..

  42. mohan chang says:

    not able to book.. Site is very slow.. but once i reached booking page..it was not showing any discounted fares..is there a coupon code for this??

  43. nayan says:

    Spicejet group is making us fool… Now i am regretting why i woke up so early!!!…. I am gonna to file a case against them in consumer court…Cheater Spicejet…

  44. ans says:

    making fool nothing else,,,

  45. ravi says:

    its hanging away to glory !!!!! (((((

  46. Nitin says:

    at 7:15 i was talking to customer care executive but they said offer is not opened yet… shit people

  47. Sumit says:

    i got to the payment page but yet it is showing non discounted fares

  48. Sumit says:

    fucked up website

  49. aditi says:


  50. Chirag says:

    no dicounted prices ….and what i think is that it charging more than a normal day price…

  51. arun says:

    I think the offer is FAKE..
    Not a single person has been able to book ticket ?

  52. gaurav ahuja says:

    same here paymnt page open but not showing discounted fares

  53. ashu_saluja25 says:

    Bhaiyo yeh chal jayegi aaj? any hope ?

  54. Azeez says:

    dont go to that site , it is a fake call ,

  55. Archit says:

    I got to the booking page and saw the prices to be less…But the site is not opening furthermore…Not able to book the tickets due to the site not working further….Looks like a cheap publicity stunt and nothing else..

    • gaurav ahuja says:

      whats d price

      • Archit says:

        For 2 adults,it was showing around Rs. 2500 in total

        • Mr. P says:

          Showing normal prices here. i think you are mistaking basic fare for the total price. check total price in left sidebar.

          • Archit says:

            Thats the total price buddy….I checked it….The basic fare was being shown as 777 + some taxes…But as I wrote earlier..not able to book the ticket further due to their server not responding

        • ashu_saluja25 says:

          Which sector? coz in mumbai its nt showing

          • ashu_saluja25 says:

            and u r booking oneway or round trip?

          • Archit says:

            Jaipur to Ahd…and the exact price being shown is Rs. 2502 in total for 2 adults.Though still not able to go further due to the crashing of site

          • Archit says:

            One Way

          • Archit says:

            My hard work pays off finally….Kept on refreshing…And have been able to book 2 tickets from Jaipur to Ahmedabad at Rs. 2502 for 2 adults :) Finally!!

  56. nayan says:

    Guys koi offer wageirah nehi hai…. offer band ho gaya… SPICEJET walon ki subah subah MAA Ch##d gayi… Isiliye offer bandh!!!

  57. pai says:

    website // phoneline down… anyone tried booking at the counter??

  58. Pradeep says:

    What the hell…. site is not working at all, yo can only open home page, nothing else…..!!!! Its crap feeling like cheated, why I got up so early….??????

  59. sandy says:

    waste one, even server is not connecting!
    y these people do like this……………….

  60. ans says:

    spicejet is making fool, dont book any further tickets with spicejet…

  61. Prabhakar says:

    Yaar Subhah Subhah mein Mamu bana gaya !!!!!Consumer court mein case file kar denge…..

  62. bebebe says:

    Making people wake up soooo early with offers and then disappointing them? Maybe Spicejet wants some bad publicity limelight too, after Kingfisher and Air india. :-D

  63. gaurav ahuja says:

    i think inke anversary aaj complaints k sath mnaye jayege :) :D

  64. euro says:

    spicejet site not working m tryn frm lng…doz ne facin d sme prob??

  65. Pradeep says:

    No man, who would go to Airport, if anyone goes and then realize that no offer is there then…..!!!!!

  66. dhruv says:

    my 8 mbps net connection has failed fr d first time….im sure its a fake offer……cheap publicity

  67. ans says:

    How can we complaint against this???

  68. Gaurav says:

    Does anyone know why is it not showing discounted fares even on the banking site?

  69. Pradeep says:

    Even if they are doing this for cheap publicity then why they have chosen such a odd time…..!!!! Crap, bullshit, as usual Spicejet is not up to mark with customer’s satisfaction, I normally dont prefer Spicejet cos of its timing isssue, several times it happened that it got late, but i thought if they are giving discount then we’ll manage but again they are shitty people…..!!!!!

  70. gaurav ahuja says:

    that’s nothing but PUBLICITY STUNT

  71. Sumit says:

    i travelled wid spicejet,they never had such great service …discounbted fares is what i thot of bt now i know they are fucked up people

    • Pradeep says:

      Yes u r right Sumit, once I booked tickets and 2 weeks before travel date they sent a mail saying flight has been rescheduled and they changed the time by 4 hours and when i reached airport again it got late by another 7 hours, it was irritating, they dont care about passangers…..

  72. Niks says:

    Maa C***i hai spice jet walon ki beech bazaar me…
    behec*** jab phone mila to reply de rahe hain ki “System is under updation plz call after 10 mins” maa k la*/**
    site ne to ma ch*** hi rakhi hai apni

  73. gaurav ahuja says:


  74. shakir says:

    fake fake fake fake fake fake fake fake fake fake fake fake fake fake fake fake fake fake fake fake fake fake fake fake fake fake fake fake fake fake fake fake fake fake fake fake fake fake fake fake fake fake fake fake fake fake fake fake fake fake fake fake fake fake fake fake fake fake fake fake fake fake fake fake fake fake fake fake fake fake fake fake fake fake fake fake fake fake fake fake fake fake …….

  75. Majid says:

    hahhaha this is fake anniversary…
    total is same as normal charge..
    spice jet is doing fake stunts lol

  76. Niks says:

    got till payment page but the fare from chennai to delhi is 11k bc

  77. PRATIK says:

    fucking shit website…bloody nothing is opening at all……airport counter pe to railway station se lamba line hai…according to some people, nearly 200 people were waiting in line for the tickets…bhailog spicejet apne anniversary pe sabki g**** marne wale hai….probably dats their idea of a birthday gift!

  78. euro says:

    Spicejet is a big loser…
    saala offer rakha he kyu customer dissatisfaction ke liye…

  79. alpha says:

    the price page is opening.. delhi to mumbai for 1800.. but its not going any further!
    anyone here who has successfully booked a ticket??

  80. dhruv says:

    yippppppppppeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee……………………..i booked/// delhi to banglore….5616 fr 2ppl

  81. gaurav ahuja says:

    NOW 100 % SURE
    BLR to DEL
    1 Adult fare: 6,720.00
    (basic fare + airline fuel charge + transaction charge)
    Charges and Fees
    Passenger Service Fee: 225.00
    Airport Arrival Tax: 440.00
    Airport Fee – UDF/ADF/DF: 266.00
    Service Tax @4.95 %
    (Incl.2%EC,1%SHEC): 333.00
    Price Total: 7,984.00
    there is no price change i hv taken out d screenshot

  82. MB says:

    This is totally fake.. not able to open site and phone is also not working now… :( Fake!

  83. Prads says:

    Ye lo kyu apni MBA (maa behen 1) karwa rahe h…..
    Already customers are not satisfied with their services…..

  84. Neeraj kharab ho gai bh says:

    sali subeh kharab ho gai bhaio, 7 baje 77 bar ch*** kat gaya

  85. Sumit says:

    is there any special procedure need to be followed to see discounted fares..bcz i am being shown normal price

  86. Neeraj says:

    Neeraj kharab ho gai bhaio sala 7 baje 77 bar cho*** kat gaya

  87. Albin says:

    freaking fake….they just didnt change the rates even .i cld the customer care,they were tlng website is down

  88. Albin says:

    call anonymous hackers..hack that whole website..time wasye==tttt

  89. alpha says:

    no special procedure.. i was seeing old prices earlier.. but saw the updated prices after a few refreshes.. the offer is not fake, only the servers are not able to handle this much load!!

  90. arun says:

    got till payment page but fare is 5981
    del- pune .
    Not even the base fare has changed to 777.

  91. bebebe says:

    wouldn’t have minded so much if the timing was different. So crappy.

  92. ans says:

    custrelations@spicejet.com this is the mail id of customer care of spicejet… nikal do sara gussa bhar do saloo ka inbox with complaints…

  93. Archit says:

    My hard work pays off finally….Kept on refreshing…Have been able to book 2 tickets from Jaipur to Ahmedabad at Rs. 2502 for 2 adults :) Finally!!

    • Sumit says:

      hey bro,plz book my ticket also:)

      • Archit says:

        Buddy I got it booked after 1 hour of efforts :D now 1 hour is not left…So,I guess you will have to wait for another offer from them

    • roger says:

      which page were you refreshing??? the page which was showing fare on left side and radio buttons for flight selection??

      • Archit says:

        I submitted my booking details and then Page Load Error came up..Then I kept on refreshing that and after around 20-25 minutes of doing that suddenly the next page came up :)

  94. Neeraj says:

    BLR->MAA 777 its showing

  95. Neeraj says:

    i need to book blr->del but same old price

  96. Sumit says:

    via.com was 100 times better than dis..atleast they didnt offered fake offer

  97. deep says:

    It always shows normal fare

  98. arun says:

    offer finished ..not able to book :-(

  99. alpha says:

    something wrong with the timer on spicejet.com.. showing 52 minutes left at this time!!

  100. Sumit says:

    hey what the fuck is dis..in some browsers it is showing different time remaing fir the offers

  101. gaurav ahuja says:

    THE OFFER END 00:00

  102. ans says:

    Offe finished now site is working f*** site..

  103. Sumit says:

    for me 11 min in inet exp and offer finished in mozilla and chrome website down

  104. ashu_saluja25 says:

    Be happy guys…. Spicejet just wished ” April Fool ” on the occasion of there Anniversary :P

  105. Prads says:

    Ya it was still showing 50 minutes left in some browser….

  106. Rishav says:

    What the hell…….the site was down for 77 minutes as a gift on their 7th anniversary……..i tried to book all the time during these 77 minutes but was unable to book any ticket….what a 7tha anniversary gift!!!…

  107. aditya says:

    anyone done with tickets?
    share your total final cost

  108. gaurav ahuja says:

    offer again started

  109. Animesh says:

    my account got debited by rs 2096 2 tickets but the idiotie site got stuck so my payment didnt went thru , will i get the tickets

  110. Prads says:

    BC nind ki maa behen ho gai and ye C***** log site down kar k so gaye….!!!!!
    Couldnt booked d tcktd….!!!!

  111. gaurav ahuja says:

    offer again started…

  112. joyjeet says:

    Same prices. Bangalore- Kolkata round trip was 9896 yesterday, same today.
    i got to booking page after soo many tries and saw 9896 only. !!

  113. Ankur says:

    fare details [Indian Rupee (INR)]
    AMD to CCU 1 Adult fare @ 827.00 827.00(basic fare + airline fuel charge + transaction charge) Charges and Fees Passenger Service Fee 233.00 Airport Fee – UDF/ADF/DF 124.00 Service Tax @4.95 %
    (Incl.2%EC,1%SHEC) 41.00

    Total Package Price1,225.00

  114. ashu_saluja25 says:

    Guys dont be Happy after seeing time still left in tht offer in internet explorer… its jst an error… everytime u refresh it is showing 45:12…. aur ab toh woh bhi band ho gya hai

  115. ashu_saluja25 says:

    For sure… Delhi Mumbai ki ticket toh kisi ko nhi mili hogi… kyunki mujhe toh kal bhi yeh hi fare dikh rha tha… abhi offer ke time pe bhi aur still abhi bhi …

  116. Bapps says:

    Finally the morons print the main shit thing :

    We are sorry for the inconvenience. There has been a problem with the database. An internal error has occurred, or there may be too many users on the server.

    Please try again later.

    Case Number: SG014242916713

  117. aditi says:

    unable to see any discounted fare..though it is saying the offer is still running for 30 more minutes… i was seeing delhi- port blair round trip for 30,000 per person- no discounts at all

  118. smile says:

    Fare 1,654.00
    (fare + airline fuel charge + transaction charge)
    PSF 466.00
    Airport Fee – UDF/ADF/DF 300.00
    Service Tax @4.95 %
    (Incl.2%EC,1%SHEC) 82.00

    Amount Paid 2,502.00

  119. aditi says:

    even delhi-goa is not on 777 base fare.. it is costing 10k per person round trip..

  120. Animesh says:

    deal closed

  121. Jay says:

    Cheap publicity trick by SpiceJet. I don’t think anyone was able to book any tickets. I called up the call center and they said they are still upgrading the system to reflect the discount and that was when only ten minutes were left for it to end. They just made fool of well meaning consumers. Never again I am booking a ticket from them.

  122. Amit says:

    , hey I book 7 tickets.. money deducted.. but dint get ticket.. please help what to do?? 12000 rs got deducted..

    • Me too in the same situation. booked 2 tickets for 2870, but didnt get any tickets. DO get back to me if you get anything…

      • saurav says:

        i also booked one ticket from delhi to bangalore …1880 amount got deducted from my account ,some error has occurred….
        what to do..??..

  123. aditi says:

    hey amit.. did u really see a base fare of 777.. i cant find any route with that price…

  124. SAM says:

    Waste deal …………. i couldnt fnd any offers in the page :(

  125. Arijit Deb says:

    finally got a ticket for Rs 1306. This offer was available only for 15min. Spicejet fall down, even the people went to counter (airport) for booking didn’t able to get the ticket. It was only available from 8.00-8.15 that too in few flights(one of mine- bangalore to kolkata) not satisfying the offer of anywhere in India given by spicejet.
    In almost all flights the fare was same as it was before.
    The officials said that due to server down they didn’t put the offer price and at last they were able to make it up with few flights as the timer was leaving only 15min left.

  126. bkt says:

    saalo ne mamu bana diya

  127. Deepak says:

    I booked 5 ticket.. all went fine… from del-kochin in 1759 , chennai to del in 2172and del to goa in 2340….. yipeeeeeeeeeee

  128. manoj says:

    from chennai -kolkata it was 1099
    bagdogra delhi 1499

    guwahati delhi – guwahati 2998.

    the booking was made thru ezeego1.com at spice jet 777+nominal taxes of 117 or 311 or like

  129. KIRAN says:

    Hi guys……..
    it worked like a charm……….
    I have booked 5 tickets…….
    BLR-VTZ –1 tkt—-1306
    BLR-VTZ– 2 tkt—-2612
    VTZ-BLR—2 tkt—-2396

    Guys……still 777 price is available for Bangalore-vizag…………
    Needy ……..Go and get fastl……….
    Available seats may complete…….

    Cheerssssssssssssssssssss :-)

  130. Mudassir says:

    With a lots and lots of efforts working on one comp, and one laptop and trying to book tickets at the same time for 2hrs, finally could book 1 ticket for Rs.2356(round trip) bangalore-kolkatta and kolkatta-bangalore.

  131. Vaibhav says:

    Bull Shit!!!! I sat for the complete 75 minutes, no help. It said server is busy, page cannot be displayed. I tried calling customer care to book over the phone, he said our systems are under maintenance……


  132. ashu_saluja25 says:

    Phone karke karwa lo bookings

  133. KIRAN says:

    Hi guys……….

    I observed one point……while booking………..
    Booking tickets for major cities has been a problem……………..

  134. Vivek Sharma says:

    Booked 5 individual tickets… 4 from Delhi to Bangalore and 1 Bangalore to Delhi… 1900 each…. :) yupeeeeee Happy Anniversary SPICEJET

  135. Prads says:

    I booked 4 tickets, thanks Freekaamaal….!!!!!

  136. saroj says:

    can not got sight was down and after big try page opened and i fill the details but sight jam.

  137. Farzana says:

    The offer was a complete fake. Spicejet is trying to fool people.

  138. Giri says:

    I booked 1 ticket Bangalore to Delhi on 26th may, cost 1746/- including taxes…. and that too half an hour later of offer end time.

  139. Booked 2 tickets to Kolkata on 18th August for Rs.2870. But I haven’t got any confirmation mail regarding booked seats or pnr no. Can anyone say why???

  140. Chirag says:

    offer wasn’t fake but was valid for only some destinations…. booked 3 tickets for 4passengers each… costing total 15000….. (4000 + 4000 + 6000) approx….
    happy aniversary spice jet….

    • Dude did you recieve any confirmation mail??? My transaction was complete but I am kinda skeptical.

      • Prads says:

        Dnt be skeptical Tanzeel, all you need to do is keep refreshing the page soon it will generate the ticket, same thing happened to me and I got 4 tckts booked.

        • I got a call from spice jet 2day morning (thursday). They said I need to confirm my seat by 2moro. Great offered availed by me ….Thanks Spice jet!!!!!!!!

      • Chirag says:

        yes i recieved the ticket after the payment was done by me on the same page itself…. and also got the PNR no. on my registered phone no.

  141. Jem says:

    For all those impatient visitors…You should understand how internet works …

    I got my tickets booked after 9am. as per the offer of Rs.777 + about 266rs addl. taxes and fees.

  142. Sindbad says:

    Offer was not fake. I booked 2 tickets for which i got pnr and confirmation. while booking 3rd ticket over the phone, my card was blocked and couldn’t make payment. so the spicejet representative told that he will hold that reservation for me till 11pm and he gave a hold pnr for that ticket also. All i need to do is to get any of my friend’s card and make the payment of Rs.1464 for one way ticket (Blr-hyd).

  143. sumit says:

    i never saw discounted prices even after trying for 2-3 hours

  144. Shalini says:

    It was a fake offer………page crashed after Flight Search ………………..i asked from many of our known ones….everyone told….that they couldnt book ticket…shame on spicejet for cheating everyone

  145. arjun says:

    Offer was not fake. I booked 2 tickets for which i got pnr and confirmation.

  146. john says:

    From the looks of it, it seems like only those city which comes first in the Alphabetical order got a taste of the offer. Those down the alphabetical order got left behind. Didn’t see anyone here book from Mumbai. All are from Bangalore, Delhi, etc.

    • Sumit says:

      Buddy i was also searching for bangalor—>Del and del—> blr..didnt found discounted price even after getting payment page 3-4 times

      • Chirag says:

        sorry but it was only for some destinations… u should have tried for some untouched destinations….
        u missed it…
        I booked 12 tickets……. am lucky…

      • PRIYANKA says:


  147. arjun says:

    offer expired

  148. Sumit says:

    now spicejet says offer availed by 38k people,i doubt whether 38k people were able to open the payment page even:)

    • PRATIK says:

      bullshit!!! utter bullshit! it seems many spicejet employees themselves r posting replies here 4 their company’s sake…..stop this shit man…wtf!!

      • Sathish says:

        hahaa… i agree with “bullshit”.. tried for an hour and finally booked for jetlite in goibibo for 15k in 2minutes.. :(

    • Chirag says:

      among that 38k i count 12 tickets for my family….. :D….
      btw nice comment…… ;)

  149. parth garg says:

    Booked 4 Tickets..
    Saved Almost 8000rs…

    Thank U Freekaamaal..

  150. Sneha says:

    Booked 2 tickets for 3500/- approx!!

  151. asad says:

    i booked 2 tickets, 1 from bangalore to hyd for 3615 for 2 ppl and 2nd from hyd to blore for 4165. it is actually 50% discount price. regular price would be 7000 apprx and 9000 apx for 2 passengers. I took 100 page refereshes though.

  152. pradip hazra says:

    after a long try i booked 2ticket……thanks FKML………..

  153. shivendra says:

    booked 2 tickets for Rs.3676..happy..

  154. Albin says:

    guys it was compulsory to buy a meal rite????

    • shivendra says:

      ya…it was compulsory to choose 1 of the meals…but when u select “outbound combo meal”, then u will hv to pay at the time of journey, not at the time of booking.

  155. ans says:

    sahi kah rahe ho bhai…

  156. Sumit says:


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