Big Bazaar “Great Exchange Offer” 2013 + Free Rs.100 Exchange Voucher from Big Bazaar->February 16, 2013
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Bigbazaar The Great Exchange

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So, the our wait ends here like previous year Exchange Offer Big Bazaar is back with its "Great Exchange Offer" where you can exchange your old junk items with new products from Big Bazaar outlets. Every year Big bazaar run this campaign in the month of Feb and March and give customer an opportunity to get good value of their old products in the form of coupons which can be redeemed from the stores.can exchange all types of products which include newspaper, clothes, plastics, utensils, luggage, tyres, shoes, electronics, furniture and others.

Get Best Rates for Your Junk, only at Big Bazaar.

  • Old Newspapers @ Rs. 30 / kg,
  • Jeans @ Rs. 200,
  • Doormat & Luggage Rs. 50 / kg,
  • Old Plastics & Glass Bottles @ Rs. 30 / kg,
  • Old Shoes / Footwear @ Rs. 30 / pair &
  • Anything Else @ Rs. 30 / kg.


How to get benefited from Big Bazaar Great Exchange Offer & Claim Free Rs.100 Voucher

  1. Go to Big Bazaar The Great Xchange 2013 Calculator to get Free Rs.100 voucher
  2. Fill your Qty
  3. Click on Calculate
  4. A pop up will appear with final value (price) of your junk items
  5. On filling the basic details form you will get Free Rs.100 voucher



  1. Exchange coupons will be issued from 16th February 2013 to 31st March 2013 at all Big Bazaar stores, selected Food Bazaar and selected Fbb – Fashion @ Big Bazaar Stores.
  2. To redeem Exchange Coupons on purchase of Apparel, Plastics, Utensils, Crockery, Home Fashion, Toys, Stationery, Furniture, Footwear, Home Decor products etc – purchase value has to be 5 times the value of the coupon to be redeemed.
  3. To redeem Exchange Coupons on purchase of Groceries, Beauty Products, Electronics, Mobiles, T24, Watches, Sunglasses, Diamond Jewellery etc – purchase value has to be 10 times the value of the coupon to be redeemed.


See Complete Terms & Conditions on Big Bazaar The Great Xchange 2013 offer for every minute details

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Offer Credit: bhatirules & Ashis from forum


February 16, 2013

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22 thoughts on “Big Bazaar “Great Exchange Offer” 2013 + Free Rs.100 Exchange VoucherFrom Our Homepage

  1. kshirsagar says:

    i want to give all my exchange discount coupons back as it is not at all useful

    • tesha says:

      May I get more clarification on this before I join the ‘rat-race’, please? what way is it a farce? Of course all these marketing gimmicks have some catch in it, no gain no business after all. Would I be better off selling my old papers to the old paperwalah?

      • Sanjayjain says:

        I think its worth exchange your old scraps to new one the only thing is you should be alert while you purchase and you sell your old junk according to your purchase capacity and buy only those things which are cheaper than market

  2. Soma says:

    Yes I do feel that there must be a catch in this. Like they said I can use the coupon to get 20% discount on NPR but that is not the case when calculated product price at exchange rate.
    Is there any other way to make a good use of my scraps?

  3. Sanjayjain says:

    I think its worth exchange your old scraps to new one the only thing is you should be alert while you purchase and you sell your old junk according to your purchase capacity and buy only those things which are cheaper than market

  4. Balaji says:

    Dispose only what cannot be sold else where.

  5. Radhika Gupta says:

    Please tell me can if xchnge old books and notebooks etc called raddi???

  6. shweta danve says:

    This offer is valid for big bazaar kalyan also?

  7. mehul says:

    hi friends there is a need of a big bazaar shop in NAVSARI , GUJARAT

  8. S D Verma says:

    I purchased on shower cabin from Big Bazar Ranchi for RS.40199/- in the last week of Jan.13. The cabin was delivered to me on !st February 13. Despite my repeated request BigBazar has not cared to instal it till today. What A service ?

  9. Senthil Sekar says:


    I have 1150 Rupees Big Bazzar Coupon which item i will buy use the full coupon

  10. T.SABU says:

    once i got 1 offer coupon after purchasing more than 5000 from hubli shop, in the cash counter the concerned staff told that the coupon will valid only the next visit,
    so when I register my strong protest against the wrong announcement and fake ad they granted the amount to me and some other customer who witnessed it.

  11. Archana says:

    This is only business tricks….
    It wont be usefull… They wont give cash.. instead they will give 10%,20% discount..
    Ex: If i sold 20KG paper ie: ) 20 * 30 = 600/-
    I should by 6000/- worth goods from Big bazar to reddem 600/-
    Any mall / shop will give discount[ it may be 10% or 40%], y we shold sold our paper to Big Bazaar..
    Yes they will take for Rs.30 but to get that Rs 30 we should purchase Goods of worth of Rs 300/-..!

    If they deduct Rs 30 from our billing[any amount] then we could have agree….

    Totally it is a business tric…..

  12. sharad says:

    the offer was valid upto 31.3.2013 & redeeming of the coupons was uto 7.4.2013. With the strike in Pune & some parts of Maharashtra Big Bazar is closed. Will the dates will be extended further?

  13. a.k.sharma says:

    DELHI – 110032

    • V K says:

      Big Bazar Exchange offer is not at all customer friendly but ive grand profit to big bazar management.It is the brain of a wicked person who squzeed the public. Can the government investigate the exchange scam where crores of taxable income has been shown as loss.Misappropriation of tax has been made.Public should raise their voice & surface out this scam. No body should go to big bazar during exchange offer days & give va big setback so that they have to change the name of Big bazar to Small Bazar & so on. So come all collectively & prove that no body can cheat public. I also got exchange coupons of Rs 4350/ but got nothing to my credit.Who will calculate the profit to big bazar? V K

  14. T.K.Jayaraman says:

    I have ordered sofa under exchange coupon for rs.18409 on 02.03.2013 at big bazar saligramam chennai.
    They informed me that the sofa will be delivered within a month. So when i enquired after a month ie on 8th april
    2013 they told they are unable to deliver the sofa. I have surrendered rs.4600 worth of exchange coupon for
    this purpose. More over I have ordered the model displayed in the show room. So I have decided to approach
    the consumer court shortly and also publishing this in times of india.


  15. Divya Chhugani says:


    I have sold some old clothes n kitchenware n recieved coupons worth Rs.1650 in the last week of March,2013. Unfortunately, I still have about Rs.1300 worth of coupons as Food Bazaar in Infinity Mall Lokhandwala did not have the stock of cookware i required. As my kids were having exams until the 10th of April,2013, I was not able to redeem all of my coupons by the 7th of APRIL,2013.

    Would you please tell me how I can redeem my coupons? It would be such a waste as I require cookware and couldn”t redeem these coupons on time.

  16. Divya Chhugani says:


    I have sold old clothes n cookware to Food Bazaar in Lokhandwala in the last week of March 2013. Recieved Rs. 1650 worth of exchange coupons and made certain purchases that very day. Unfortunately though Food Bazaar Lokhandwala did not have the stock i required and the store sales execs told me to wait til stocks were replenished. As my kids had exams until the 9th of April, I was unable to redeem my coupons on time. I still have Rs. 1300 in coupons with me.

    Would wish to purchase cookware that i require from your store but unfortunately the coupons have crossed the redeemable date. It would be such a waste! Please help.

  17. jithin murali says:

    laude… mera paas poore 2580 rupe ka coupon hain..but ..the BB people says that I should purchase over 13000 rupees..then only i get reduction of 2580..waht a fucking thing… i dont even have 10 rupee extra to take…

  18. jainu says:

    Absolutely right now a days every merchant offering 10-20 % discount on cash purchase without exchanging your old things

  19. kabeer says:

    i have washing machine+1tv+and etc what coupon i will get

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