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6 Best Free Antivirus Apps for Android devices

Now a days our smartphones have started to be treated like small computers that we can take everywhere we go and as they are having some very important data like contacts,card details, it is important to protect this crucial data from theft and malicious softwares. Would you take the risk to delete antivirus from your laptop? No then how about securing your mobile phone.In this article we will take a look at some of the famous six free anti-virus for android mobiles. Have a look:
1) Lookout Mobile Security :

The Lookout Mobile Security anti-virus app monitors all software applicatons and scans them on daily or weekly basis. The app has “Find My Phone” feature that can show you your Android device on a map. In-case you misplace your mobile in your apartment, you can use Find My Phone to activate a siren from the Web. This is an added factor that makes Lookout Mobile Security the one coolest option. Lookout Mobile antivirus scans and cleans your mobile device, keeps the backup of your valuable data and locates your device.

Download Lookout Mobile Security.

2) Phone Spam Blocker USA :

If you’re getting spam calls, text spam and annoying calls from telemarketers, then Phone Spam blocker does the trick. It includes daily number updates and lets you search suspicious numbers to report new phone spam. Restore your privacy, avoid identity theft and save minutes with Phone Spam Blocker USA.

Download Phone Spam Blocker USA.

3) Super Security:

Super security is a free app that provides cloud based antivirus engine to help you get rid of malware and provides strongbox to hide your sensitive data. The features include-missing device find back, task manager, anti malware, strongbox, and community based antivirus engine.

Download Super Security.

4) Anti-Virus Laser:

It’s an action puzzle game that lets you delete the virus in fun way. While playing, you have to control the laser beam and fry the viruses before they reach out. You can upload your score and see your world ranking. The free version has just 10 levels.

Download Anti-Virus Laser.

5) SmrtGuard Mobile Security :

It’s the free anti-virus app that protects your Android from any virus. It comes with ‘Find Phone’ via GPS ,’Audio Ping’, ‘Remote Lock’, ‘Call Blocker’ and ‘SimCard Guardian’ features. The app secures wireless backup.

Download SmrtGuard Mobile Security.

6) AntiVirus Free :

Antiviurs Free as the name hints is the free Android mobile antivirus program that helps you scan and clean your mobile phones. Besides this, it also filters problematic messages, files, and folders and deletes them.

Download AntiVirus Free.

Download any of these free anti-virus and secure your data by making your Andriod mobile phone virus free.


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